Quit Your Job, Sis

Why Being Delusional is the Key to Manifesting Your Dream Life

July 17, 2023 Lindsay Hanson Episode 179
Quit Your Job, Sis
Why Being Delusional is the Key to Manifesting Your Dream Life
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Do you want to be a normal person, living a normal, average life? Or do you want to live a big, unrealistic, better-than-you-could-have-imaged life??

It’s time to start being delusional.

How did the most successful people get to where they are today? Do you think it was by taking the safe, expected route - or by taking risks and making decisions that went against what’s “normal” and “safe”?

They likely had a lot of people who doubted them along the way, and were waiting for them to give up on their “unrealistic” dreams. But they didn’t. Because they chose to be delusional and believe in the vision anyway.

If you want to create a successful business, buy a home that feels out of your price range, and elevate and expand your life in ways you never thought possible, it’s time to be a little delusional.

It’s time to believe in possibilities beyond what we as a society have collectively decided is ‘normal’ – beyond what other people are going to tell you is possible or is realistic for you.

Whatever you want in this life is possible for you. Now it's time to go out and chase it.

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[00:00:59] Hello, my love. So I've seen this trend going around the internet lately of being delusional, being fucking delusional. I'm so glad this trend is happening because this is the number one key to creating your dream life. Let me explain why, okay? First, when has logic and rationality ever gotten anyone to their dream life?

[00:01:27] I want you to find me if you can find one example literally. Send it to me. One example of a person who made logical, rational decisions, never took any risks, listened to what other people told them was realistic, and based their decisions on that and are living their dream life. Find me one because I would truly bet my life that not everyone living their dream life did it through logic and rationality.

[00:01:59] Not one. If you look at the backstory of like any celebrity, any famous person, anyone who has accomplished anything significant, they either took some crazy risk at one point in their life or they made a decision or a series of decisions that went against logic that went against what is normal and what is expected.

[00:02:20] I mean, think about it. Why are they where they are when most of us are just average, normal, regular civilians because they made decisions different from those that "normal people" make? For example, Brendan and I have been watching Good Mythical Morning on YouTube lately. Every time we watch their videos, I am fascinated by the fact that these two guys who were best friends making videos, bullshitting, making up games, and posting them on YouTube, have managed to turn that into a multi-million dollar corporation. If you have never seen a good mythical morning, that's what it is.

[00:03:05] It's like two guys who are best friends, and they like make-up games and play them on their YouTube channel. They have like 18 million subscribers, right? But think back to what must have happened when they first started. Do you think that when they first started posting these bullshit videos on YouTube, their friends and family were like, "Oh yeah, that's definitely gonna turn into a gigantic corporation someday." Probably fucking not. Everyone around them was probably like, oh yeah, Rhett and Link, they're goofballs. They have their fun little YouTube channel. I wonder when they're going to give up on that dream.” But they kept believing in it. They saw that end vision, that delusional vision of these two best friends bullshitting together and how that could become this huge corporation.

[00:03:56] I don't know if that's what they envisioned it becoming, but I'm assuming it is because they were the ones who took it seriously from the beginning. You have to be delusional. You have to believe in possibilities beyond what we have decided is normal. Beyond what other people will tell you is possible for you, realistic for you, or logical for you, you have to understand, you guys, there is no normal or standard.

[00:04:21] We have just collectively decided what is fucking normal and possible for our lives based on what the majority of people have done. But if you want a dream life, if you don't want a realistic life, if you don't want a normal life, if you don't want a standard life, you want a dream life, then you'll have to be fucking delusional.

[00:04:43] You will have to do things, make decisions, and take actions that are not considered normal and logical and rational. If I listened to logic and made decisions based on what was realistic, I'd still be a miserable fucking accountant right now. Logic and rationality were what got me into a life that I hated, and if I chose to live my life by what was rational and what was logical, I would still be fucking miserable.

[00:05:17] It wasn't all that long ago that I was sitting in an office building in Boston, dreaming of owning an online business, and the reason why I'm now living that life is because I was so fucking delusional to believe that I could actually do it. Even though I had no idea how to start an online business or get clients online, I didn't know the first thing about marketing, about selling.

[00:05:44] I wasn't even certified to be the type of coach that I wanted to be. I didn't have my personal training certification when I started my online coaching business. None of it was logical. None of it made any fucking sense. And any normal, rational person would not have made the decisions I made, but because I made those decisions. I am now living the life I'm living, and I'm living it much sooner than I would have if I listened to logic and reasoning along the way. Like, yes, maybe I still would've gotten here, but it would've taken me so much fucking longer. I didn't make those decisions from the rational, logical, realistic part of my brain.

[00:06:26] I made them from the completely delusional part of my brain that chose to believe that maybe. Something greater is possible for me, despite everything in my face telling me this was unrealistic. Despite the first year of my business, where I barely made any money and didn't just believe it was possible, I decided it was what I was meant to do. I refused to entertain any other possibility. I was going to have a successful online business period. You have to understand that that was the mindset I was in. That's the mindset I'm still in, right? Because every day, we have a choice, and I can choose to look at all of the failures, all of the setbacks, all of the reasons why it looks like it's not going to work.

[00:07:17] Even now, in many ways, I've created a successful business. But at any point in your life or business, it could all fall apart, and you could decide to give up on it. You could decide to quit for whatever reason, right? But every day, I choose and decide that this is happening for me and that this is the only option.

[00:07:37] This is the only option I am available for. Period. I'm not going to entertain any other possibility. I won't entertain the idea that I have to work a nine-to-five if I want consistent income. I just refuse to believe that that's the only way, and I have plenty of evidence to show that it's not the only way.

[00:07:56] But before I had that evidence, I had to believe it was possible. And it's funny how we can look at other people who have literally done the things we want to do, but we still manage to convince ourselves that it's not possible for us. Plenty of people have successful online businesses.

[00:08:14] Many people make a lot more money than you do right now working as a freelancer, yet you're sitting here convincing yourself that that's impossible for you. Why? When you look at it that way, it feels more delusional for you to think that that's not possible than for you to believe that it's possible because there are people who have done it.

[00:08:33] You have proof right in front of your face that it's possible. Why are you telling yourself it's not? Probably because everyone around you and in your life growing up painted this picture of what's realistic and what's normal, what's safe and logical, but that's just what they decided.

[00:08:51] You get to decide what's normal and standard and realistic for your own life, but before it manifests, before you have the proof before you're living that life. You have to be so delusional. That's what it's going to feel like. You're going to feel fucking delusional. Good. Because if you don't feel that way, then the decisions you're making and your actions will probably lead you to a very realistic, logical, standard, normal life.

[00:09:22] There's nothing wrong with that, but if you want more, delusion is the key, baby. Another example is the house that I'm currently sitting in and living in; if you looked at my financial situation a year ago when we got this house, I had no business living in this house. On paper, it made no sense for me to live here; I could not afford to live here. And so any logical person would say, I can't get this house. Like, let's look for a smaller house. Let's look for something more realistic. Let's look for something more affordable. Did I say that? No. I said this is our fucking house because when we came to see this house, I could just feel that it was ours, and I had no idea how we were going to get it because it was at the very top of our budget, and houses were going for over asking left and right. And I didn't think that we were going to get this house. I didn't even wanna come to the open house because the logical part of my brain was like, "There's no way we're getting this house. It's way too perfect of a house for us to be able to afford it and to get it." But we came to the open house anyway and put an offer in any way. And we chose to be fucking delusional anyway. And guess what? We now own this house. But again, at the time, on paper, I could not afford to live here based on the amount of money that I was making in my business at the time.

[00:10:50] Instead of telling Brendan, I don't think I can afford this house; I don't think we can live here, I decided that getting this house would force me to make more money in my business. And guess what? Ever since moving into this house, I've made more money in my business. I actually remember sending a text to my best friend.

[00:11:12] You know what? I'm going to read it to you guys. I'm going to read it to you guys. I sent this text on June 17th last year. It's currently June 27th, so this was just about a year ago. It was after we, our offer, got accepted. We hadn't moved in yet. We hadn't even closed on the house. But I said on paper; I shouldn't get this house because I can't afford it.

[00:11:33] But in reality, getting the house will force me to elevate to the next level and make more money in my business. The "logical" ways we're taught to manage money just keep us limited in the idea that our income is fixed at the current level, and it's bullshit. This is why shit always works out when people quit their jobs.

[00:11:52] It forces them into their next level, but logically it doesn't make any sense because it's not about logic but energy. This applies to everything—money, business, career. I've seen time and time again from myself from my clients. People quit their jobs when it makes no sense for them to do so on paper, and everything just works out in their favor.

[00:12:17] They start making more money in their business. Clients come out of nowhere. Opportunities come out of nowhere. When you are so singularly focused on what you want and have decided that's where you are going, the only thing you're available for. The universe rearranges to support that delusion.

[00:12:36] I'm telling you, it did not - I have done so many things in my life completely fucking backward. Knowing, with 100% certainty, that taking that action before I felt ready would elevate me to the next level. I quit my job before I was ready, knowing that that would force me to build the business I now have.

[00:13:01] I got this house before I could afford it, knowing that the house was going to force me to make more money in my business. And it did. But you can't say that to the average normal person because they would think you're fucking crazy. Because you are, you're delusional, but good because one thing I don't want to be is a rational, normal, logical person because that got me straight into a life where I was fucking miserable.

[00:13:28] When someone tells you to be rational or logical, they're telling you to keep yourself small. What they're saying is you're dreaming too big. What they're saying is your dreams are uncomfortable to me. And I want you to taper them down to fit into this collective small-mindedness that we've all just decided is what's normal, rational, or logical, but who even sets the standard of what is possible?

[00:13:54] You are the one who sets the standard of what is possible for your life. And if you want to buy into whatever we've collectively decided is possible for your life, you can do that and live a very average standard life. But if that's not what you want, it will take some delusion to get to where you want to be.

[00:14:15] And eventually, it won't be a delusion anymore. It's going to be the reality that you're living. With so much confidence, I can tell you right now that whatever you want for your life is possible for you. It's possible for you. Why would it not be possible for you? But if it doesn't feel possible for you, then it's time to be delusional and believe it's possible for you anyway.

[00:14:38] Cuz that's the only way you'll get there, babe. It's the only way. Sometimes you have to throw logic out the window because it won't get you to your dream life or career. Your dream business, your dream relationship. It's not going to get you there. And you can either. Stay safe in what we have all decided is possible for you.

[00:15:02] What we've collectively decided is possible for most people, or you can believe that you're meant for more and see where it leads you. I hope this message reached whoever needed to hear it today. Thank you for tuning in. As always, I love you. I appreciate you. I am here for you always, and I will talk to you in the next episode.