Quit Your Job, Sis

BEST OF EP 1: Quitting Your Job: You’re Not Confused, You’re Just Scared

April 10, 2023 Lindsay Hanson Episode 166
Quit Your Job, Sis
BEST OF EP 1: Quitting Your Job: You’re Not Confused, You’re Just Scared
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Do you want to quit your job but keep telling yourself, “It's not that bad; I should just stay?” Maybe you don’t HATE your job but feel like it doesn’t light you up.

Maybe you feel guilty. Are you waiting on a promotion or searching for your next steps? If you quit your job, you would hurt the company or let your coworkers down.

The truth is the stories you tell yourself are all lies.

No one will be mad if you quit your job; the company will hire someone new.  You were made to pursue the thing you’re passionate about; those dreams and desires are in your heart for a reason.

It's okay to recognize when your job is no longer serving you, and it's time to move on.

In this episode, I share clips from a coaching call with a former client wrestling with quitting her job. We discuss why she feels tied to her job and what her ego tells her about why she “can’t” or “shouldn’t” quit.

We also listen to her having a breakthrough, recognizing the stories she was telling herself about why it wouldn’t work.

Don’t let your ego lie to you. No matter what it is, you have good reasons for leaving your job. 

If you’re ready to begin the journey to transform your life, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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[00:02:29] Hello, my loves. I have a little bit of an update for you before we get into today's episode, so I have decided that I need to take a little bit of a break from the podcast for the time being to let you in on the sort of the behind the scenes of what's been going on. My marketing agency has just kind of been taking off, and so there's a lot happening with part of my business, which is all very exciting, but it also means that that side of my business is going to require a little bit more of my time and energy and attention over the next few weeks. And so I've made the decision just to take a little bit of a break from recording podcast episodes, but I'm not just gonna leave you guys hanging.

[00:03:21] So what we're gonna do over the next few weeks is do some recaps of some of our 'best of' episodes, some of the most popular episodes that you all have told me that you love hearing and listening to. And so, hopefully, this will give you a chance to listen to them again and get another hit of inspiration. Or if you are newer to the podcast, you haven't heard some of these older episodes, and so you might be hearing them for the first time.

[00:03:52] This will also be a good time to go back through the old episodes you have not listened to yet. Some of my favorite episodes are the early, early episodes of just me. I mean, I started this podcast in the middle of trying to figure out how the fuck to build an online business, right?

[00:04:11] Like I was only a year into my business. I really hadn't established myself yet and quite figured out what I was doing. And so if you go back and listen from the beginning, you can really follow me on this journey. And you know, I'm kind of on the journey with you, right? It really meets you wherever you're at.

[00:04:32] And what I hear from people all the time is that you find the podcast exactly when you needed it. So I hope these 'best of' episodes that'll get released over the next few weeks resonate with you. And another cool, fun thing that we get to incorporate in these episodes is that if you are listening on Spotify, we can make them a little more interactive now.

[00:04:56] So you might have noticed that there's a section on Spotify for Q&A or polls. On each of our episodes, we are adding a question or a poll for you guys. So make sure if you're listening on Spotify when you click on the episode and right above the show notes, in the app, you'll see the question or the poll right there that you can respond to.

[00:05:23] So, if you are listening on Spotify, be sure to respond. I want to see what you guys are loving about the episodes; which ones are your favorite? If we have any fun polls, I wanna hear from you. I love this new feature that Spotify came out with, so be sure to go check that out while you are listening. But I want to thank you for being here.

[00:05:43] Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for tuning in every week if you are a longtime listener, and welcome if you are a new listener, and I hope you enjoy these best episodes over the next few weeks. If you want to keep up with what's going on behind the scenes, follow me on social media @LindsayMHanson, over on Instagram, or on TikTok.

[00:06:04] And I will be back soon with some new episodes. I don't think it's gonna be a super long break, but it's definitely much needed, and I'm excited to come back with even more energy that I can put into the podcast and just share with you guys some of the growth that's been happening and how I was able to get to this point in my business.

[00:06:27] I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here, and enjoy this first 'best of' episode.

[00:06:40] Hello, my loves; welcome back to the podcast. Today's episode is for you if you've been thinking about quitting your job for a while but you keep getting sucked back in. You have a good day at work or get praised for something you did, and you're like, "Oh, it's not that bad. Maybe I'll just stay." And you continue to feel stuck and confused about whether you should make a change.

[00:07:06] This is where my client Shelja was stuck for literal years. And today, I'm gonna share some really powerful clips from two of our coaching calls. So in the first call, she was trying to decide whether quitting her job was the right decision for her, and then in the very next call, just a week later, she had a really powerful breakthrough that helped her realize why she kept going back and forth on this decision for so long, and what helped her to finally realize that it was the right time for her to quit her job. So this one will be really powerful for you if you've been thinking about quitting your job but worrying about whether you'd be making the wrong choice, especially if you've been waiting on a promotion before deciding to quit.

[00:07:55] I'm excited for you to hear this episode, and if you want to show your support for this show, you can go to lindsayhanson.com/podcast or click the link in the show notes. And without further ado, let's dive in.

[00:08:14] Being in the environment is really pulling me back, and I'm trying to, I'm trying to fix my thoughts, not to let that happen. But of course, there are moments where I struggle with that, and then I try to journal and stuff like that too. But that's hard. 

[00:08:30] Yeah, and the thing is, though, Look at where you are, right? Because for the past two years or so, you did keep getting sucked back in. And you kept staying stuck in this cycle, but now you're at a point where you're able to separate yourself from it. And even when you have all these people wanting to make all these accommodations for you, you're still standing in your truth that this is not what's meant for me.

[00:08:55] Yeah. Yeah. Because even, like, you know, even if my ego for a second is like, well, yeah, like I'll do. Work half the year and then do my life coaching business as well. Another thing is, I don't know if that's, this is where this is coming from, but it's an interesting belief I have.

[00:09:10] So I have this belief that if I don't quit and then I do the life coaching thing; say I take a break and I don't quit and I do the life coaching thing. I feel like I'm not being authentic with myself. Because it's like my whole narrative is based on "I'm over the nine to five like I quit my job," and then it's like I'm just not following through on that, you know?

[00:09:36] And does that make sense? 

[00:09:39] It totally makes sense. And there could be a couple of different places that it's coming from though, right? So does it feel like, when you think about quitting your job, does it feel like it's coming from your intuition in a very aligned decision, or does it feel like, well, I have to because I said I would?

[00:10:02] I think both, and I'm struggling with that. Am I quitting just so I can say I quit, or am I quitting cuz like that's the right thing for me, you know? Yeah, that's what I'm struggling with right now. And especially as I keep getting pulled back into these things and they're saying certain things, or I'm having a good day at work, or people are sending me emails and being like you did a good job on this or, and that's pulling me back in.

[00:10:28] But, if I made a decision June 25th, then why am I not sticking with it? And I know people change and, you know, you always change your mind and stuff like that. I don't know. It's just weird. 

[00:10:39] Yeah. Well, where did that decision on June 25th come from? 

[00:10:45] Um, it came from the fact that I was, I, I was just triggered to make that pros and cons list, and I don't know, it was just that gut feeling that was like, "I'm done here." and I think, again, because I'm just so in it right now, it keeps pulling me back in. But then also, when I don't have my laptop open, and I'm not working, It's not like I wanna be working and when I do have my laptop open, and it's like, I don't wanna be there, so why? So why is my ego just like, well, no, you're good at managing these clients and blah, blah, blah let's just keep doing this? And it's like, no. 

[00:11:23] Yeah. So that's what it sounds like the decision to quit your job did come from your intuition, and it's your ego that's the one that's wanting to stay in the job. But at the same time, if you knew that no matter what you did, it would work out. Would you straight up quit your job, or would you just take a few months off? 

[00:11:47] Huh. The thing is, I definitely don't want to be working from September to December, and I definitely want to put all that energy into my life coaching business. Now the thing is, can I see myself working as an accountant from January to June?

[00:12:05] Yes. But also, do I not wanna work in tax season? No. And also my thing is, I don't want to be half in somewhere and half somewhere else. If I'm going to do the accounting thing, I have to do it full force, and I have to be a manager, and I have to, I have to commit all my time to it. Like I don't want to do something half, half.

[00:12:27] And that's what bothers me, and I think. If I were to tell them, okay, I only wanna work like January to June, but you're still gonna make me a manager. And then, you know what I mean? That, that part doesn't feel right to me. And yeah, and ideally, I wanna be away for it for four months at, like, definitely, right?

[00:12:47] And it's just because I'm good at it again, it's like, well, yeah, you could do both. So I don't know. I'm in a weird spot right now. And, part of it is like, they're having the meeting tomorrow for the mid-years, and then they're gonna meet with us again to give everybody's feedback. And again, my ego is holding onto that as well. And my ego's just like, well, I hope someone in the meeting says, I can be a manager, or I deserve to be a manager. No. Cause I'm recognizing that I know it's my ego. 

[00:13:16] I know. It is good that you can recognize it. 

[00:13:22] And they, they all say that Shelja's doing the best job. And they'd be upset to lose me and stuff like that. That's what my ego wants to hear. And again, part, part of the whole thing of having all these doubts about quitting also concerns the fact that I have not fully stepped into believing that the whole life coaching thing is gonna work.

[00:13:46] And I admit it honestly because it's scary, and you know, it's not the most logical thing, but I do wanna do it anyways because that's where I'm supposed to be, you know? And if I had a client, maybe I would feel safer or whatever, so I don't know. 

[00:14:08] Yeah, I mean, from everything you're saying, it sounds like your highest self knows what you wanna do, but your ego is trying to convince you that you're confused. You're not confused; you're just scared, which is normal because, you know, you were saying like, I can picture myself working in accounting for half the year, and I could do both, but just because you can picture it just because you could.

[00:14:37] Do you want to, though? That's what matters. Not what, whether you could, but do you want to do both, or do you want to be a full-time life coach? 

[00:14:48] Here's the thing, if you literally told me that tomorrow I would have like five clients, I would not even be thinking about this. And I know that's possible.

[00:15:00] And that's, again, that's the ego part, right? Because it wants to be comfortable because that's what it knows. It's scared of the alternative, but the alternative is the truth. So that's the thing, convincing myself that I'll be okay. 

[00:15:17] Yeah. The, you're so good. I'm excited for you because, yeah, you do know where you're meant to be, and you know what the truth is for you and what I believe and what's been true for me is that whenever you follow your intuition and follow your highest self, it can't lead you wrong. Things are gonna work out.

[00:15:38] That's what I mean. Yeah. 

[00:15:39] All of the decisions, you, and actions you take from that place will be very aligned, so everything will flow more easily. Whereas if you tried to do both, right? If you tried to stay in your accounting job because you were listening to your ego and fear, everything would feel a lot harder.

[00:15:59] I personally think that if I don't quit, I won't be able to give myself fully to my business. Even if I say I'm taking a four-month break, I'm always gonna have it in the back of my mind, and I never tell anyone to quit their job, right? I'm just here to observe what's going on and what I'm hearing from you. And it sounds like disconnecting that energetic tie to your job will be really powerful for you. 

[00:16:28] So yeah. So some interesting things happen. So on the work front, my coach sent back my midyear evaluation. And I was surprised he agreed with my comments after the meeting.

[00:16:41] Really? 

[00:16:42] Yeah, he gave me the to meet expectations, exceeding whatever, like everything. So then, he said, " Okay, read it over, call me, let's discuss whatever. I was like, okay. So we had a video call, and I was like, yeah, I'm still thinking about stuff. And I'm like, in thinking about stuff, I have some questions.

[00:17:00] And he's like, what? And I'm like, if I say I wanted to be a manager, what would my path look like here? And he's like; you're already doing the job. He's like, it's just like, do you want it? And he's like, because of what's happened in the past and how I've kind of pushed people into this role, I don't wanna do that with anybody, especially you, because of your health and your mental health.

[00:17:24] I don't want you to live that life that you don't want. I don't want want you to push yourself into that when you're not ready and stuff like that. I'm like, wow, that's super nice of you. And so, yeah, it was interesting how I feel like my ego had just created this story to be like my boss is evil, and I hate my job just to justify it. 

[00:17:48] Oh, it does. 

[00:17:50] And you know, when I sent you that post, whatever, I was like, like something just happened, it was this. I walked away from that conversation, not being like, oh my God. Now I'm totally lost; maybe I should stay or whatever. It wasn't that. I finally got the closure that I needed. My ego got the closure where it was like, you do good work. You can be a manager if you want to be here. And even went far as to say, you know what? If you want to take a break, you can take a break.

[00:18:18] If you decide not to do accounting, that's fine. But he's like; you will always have a job here. And I think that's what my ego needed to hear to be like, 'Okay, fine, I'm gonna surrender.' Again, the external validation thing, that ego just needed to hear all that to move on. It's like a relationship where you're breaking up with a person, and they're like, maybe we can be together one day or whatever. To end it on good terms type thing.

[00:18:46] Yeah. So it was interesting, even though I didn't say to him, " Oh my God, I, I quit right now. But I, in my mind, know that this is my end, you know? Thank you, but, like, I'm walking away from this relationship, basically. So from my ego, it was interesting cause it just, like, it always felt it easier to be like, well, I'm procrastinating because my boss is evil and I hate my job.

[00:19:11] I'm procrastinating because I'm doing work I don't enjoy. So I'm gonna put it off. 

[00:19:18] My God, I love this. 

[00:19:20] Yes. It's like, it's like a breakthrough for me, right? Like, it was like I was putting negative energy into the decision to quit. But it doesn't have to be negative just cuz the word quit has this negative connotation around it.

[00:19:33] And it feels like failure or rejection or whatever. No, it gets to be a positive thing for me. It gets to be this positive thing where I put positive energy where it's like, okay, I did everything I could, and I invested so much time and energy into a relationship that is no longer serving me.

[00:19:51] That's why I'm walking away from it. I'm not walking away because the person treated me terribly. Sure, public accounting has a toxic environment or culture or whatever, but I guess some people thrive off that, and that's just not me. So to recognize that, like if that is the breakthrough, that is personal development. 

[00:20:12] I wanna cry because that's huge for you.

[00:20:17] Yes, I'm not a negative person. I'm a positive person. I want to exude positive energy into the world, you know? I don't wanna be like, quit your accounting job because it's garbage. No, I'm gonna be like, like you said, you don't tell people to quit their jobs. You tell people to pursue their passion or find their passion at least.

[00:20:35] That's what I was doing. I was like making this list of this; it's terrible, blah, blah, blah, blah. But it's like, no. For the past two years, I've been avoiding making a decision because my ego was afraid and being too comfortable. It wasn't, and it had nothing to do with the environment.

[00:20:52] It had nothing to do with the people. The people have been nothing but accommodating to my needs and always wanting me. He's still being accommodating, you know? He's like, you can, you can be a manager, and you can work 70% if you want. He's like; we will make whatever you want happen, you know?

[00:21:07] So why was I holding onto all that? Again, like my fucking ego. 

[00:21:13] Yeah. But do you see the difference here? Because, like, literally a month ago, this same situation could have happened, and you would've been like, well, now I'm so confused. I should stay. And it's just like, this is huge, and I love it. 

[00:21:27] Yeah. I just, after that whole experience, cause it's like it's legit closure. It's not because then I would always be wondering. What if I wasn't good enough to be a manager? Or what if my boss was technically evil and just left a shitty work environment? No. And, with that same energy, I would have had some sort of exit interview where I would've said these things like, your place is toxic or whatever, but that's not true, actually. And you said before, I like what I do, and it's good to work, but it's not serving me and my purpose. 

[00:22:02] Yeah, and you don't; this is what I've been screaming about for the past year: you don't have to hate the job you're in to wanna do something different. And it's like if you were to quit from that place, especially if you didn't know that you wanted to go into life coaching and you were just looking for a way out, and you're like, well, I need to get out of this job cuz it's so shitty, then you're gonna just end up in another job that you also hate.

[00:22:27] Because you're not actually going after what you want, you're just trying to leave something you hate, which is a big difference. 

[00:22:33] Part of the thing is that I didn't leave for the past two years because I knew it was a good job for me. I knew it was a place where I could grow a career. I'm leaving it now because I'm sure it's not serving me, and I've given it my all. And it's not the work that fulfills me at the end of the day, but I didn't know that before. Before, I would have left a place of escaping and running away. But now I'm leaving from a place of wanting to do better for myself.

[00:23:05] That's, that's the true growth I wanted, you know? 

[00:23:08] Oh my God. I literally wanna cry. This is amazing. Breakthrough, huh? Honestly.

[00:23:24] Such a powerful breakthrough for Shelja. I'm so freaking proud and excited for her to make this decision and begin this journey to transform her life. I love sharing these episodes with you guys, where I share clips from my coaching calls. Not only because I love sharing my client's breakthroughs, but I know that if you're listening to this podcast, you're likely gonna relate to the things that my clients are going through.

[00:23:52] Sharing clips from these calls can be really helpful for anyone going through the same thing. And it's a really unique glimpse inside what it looks like to work with a life coach. Like I said in one of the clips today, my job is really not about telling my clients what they should do.

[00:24:11] I'm just here to hold space for you to get clear on what you want and work through anything holding you back so you can confidently go after your dream life. So if this episode resonated with you and you've been feeling stuck in your career, but you're ready to make a change and you think life coaching is right for you, I left the link where you can apply for coaching in the show notes, it's lindsayhanson.com/apply.

[00:24:39] And again, I just wanna say thank you for listening. Thank you for all your support on the show. I've been getting tons of messages from you guys recently about how much you love the show. Warms my heart. Don't forget; if you'd like to show your support, you can leave a review on Apple Podcast or click the link in the show notes.

[00:24:58] I love you. I appreciate you. I'm here for you always, and I'll talk to you in the next episode.

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