Quit Your Job, Sis

Struggling to make money in your business? This one's for you | A riff on money mindset

March 20, 2023 Lindsay Hanson Episode 163
Quit Your Job, Sis
Struggling to make money in your business? This one's for you | A riff on money mindset
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Are you new in your business and struggling with money not coming in as quickly as you expected it to?

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is building your audience, your brand awareness, and having patience as you do this.

If you’re panicking about money and debating throwing in the towel, this episode just might be the message you need to hear today.

It’s your reminder that you were made for more than working a 9-5 job for the rest of your life and never reaching your full potential. Your goals, dreams, and desires are in your heart for a reason. Don’t be ashamed to be finally following them.

This episode is a clip from a recent coaching session with one of my 1:1 clients. During this call, I riff on money mindset when you’re first starting your business: the expectations versus reality. I reflect on my money mindset and the biggest advice I would give myself when I first started and struggled through my first couple years in business.

So tune in if you need a money mindset pick-me-up, and if you want a sneak peek inside one of my coaching sessions.

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[00:00:59] Hello, my loves. The episode I have for you today is a clip from a coaching call that I had recently with one of my private coaching clients, and she was struggling with money. She had just started her business, so she was brand new and wasn't seeing the money come in as quickly as she wanted or as quickly as she expected.

[00:01:24] And she was feeling some anxiety around it. Just lots of challenges with her money mindset. And so I went on a little bit of a riff, and then I was thinking that it would be good to share with you. In case you are also in that place where you are feeling like your business isn't working, you're not making as much money as you wanted to be, and maybe you're even on the brink of just throwing in the towel and saying that this whole online business thing doesn't work for you.

[00:01:56] And I definitely don't want you to do that. And I'd also be lying to you if I told you that I'd never been there. And so I've been there, I've worked through it and gotten to a place where my business is a really solid, steady stream of income for me, and I want that for you too. So if you're struggling at all with a money mindset, I hope that you're able to take something away from this episode that will help you to shift your perspective and keep going because you're fully capable of creating the business that you're dreaming of. And I know that for a fact because I've been there. I've been at a point where my business was not making me any money, and I was wondering if it was ever gonna work. And I'm so glad that I never gave up. And if you listen to this and feel inspired and called into coaching, you can always apply to work with me at lindsayhanson.com/apply, and I will leave that link in the show notes for you as well.

[00:02:52] All right, let's get into it, and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my one-on-one coaching sessions.

[00:03:03] I'm thinking back to Lindsay from 2019, who was building her business and not getting clients and wondering what the fuck I was doing wrong and what advice I would give to her. But I think the thing is, I wasn't actually doing anything wrong. I thought I was doing something wrong because things weren't happening as quickly as I wanted them to in my brain.

[00:03:25] But, like part of building your business, it takes time. So I got five clients in my first month, and they were all people I knew, like old coworkers and people I went to college with, and people I knew in real life. And then I think I had this expectation that it would be that easy every month.

[00:03:43] What I didn't realize was that it was that easy the first month because those people already knew me and liked me and trusted me, right? But if I'm gonna keep getting five clients every month, that requires building my audience. So that these strangers on the internet know me, like me, and trust me, that takes time.

[00:04:03] And so just knowing that you're gonna get there, because now when I think about it, I'm like, there are people who message me every single day who found my podcast. And they connect with it so much, and some of them wanna work with me, some of them never end up working with me, but like I'm still building this brand, I'm still building this audience, and at some point, if I do have an offer that aligns with what they need, they will buy from me.

[00:04:28] But this masterclass that I just launched, there were 19 people who signed up, I think. And one of those people I knew in real life, but like the majority of them were people who found me on the internet, over the course of the past few years, of me building my business and showing up consistently and building my brand around this topic of quitting your job, freelancing, working for yourself.

[00:04:53] And so when I think back to the things that I tried to launch in year one, it was like, of course, no one signed up because you didn't have that audience yet. Like you hadn't built this brand yet. And I think my expectations were just not aligned with reality a little bit. Not that you can't build a business and have success in year one, but if I could go back, I probably would've spent more of my time getting in front of other people's audiences because that's a lot faster than building your own audience, which takes more time. I probably would've started my podcast sooner. And I probably would have looked for these different ways to make money, like when I had first started my business, rather than jumping into it and being like, I'm just gonna, from day one, turn this into a full-time income stream.

[00:05:43] So I feel like you're doing all of those things, you know? And part of it is just that it takes time, and it's hard because, in the meantime, your brain is like screaming at you because it doesn't feel like it's safe. But also remembering why you left your job. Money isn't the only thing that matters.

[00:06:03] If it was, you probably would've stayed in a job with a salary. 

[00:06:07] Client: I literally just had that thought the other day. I was like, this is what I asked for.

[00:06:11] Lindsay: And the money piece of it is gonna come as you grow, as you learn more about marketing and selling, as you get more experience, as you get more comfortable, as you build your network, like it's going to come and you have the mindset, which I think is the most important piece, like that mindset of, I'm willing to do anything that it takes not to have to go back and get another job. That's the entrepreneurial mindset that leads to success. I felt the same way. I was like; I don't care what I have to do. I'm gonna sit here and donate my plasma for the next year. I have to. I don't remember how long I donated plasma, but there was a period of time in my life when I was donating plasma and barely able to pay my bills.

[00:06:57] But it was just a phase, you know? And it can feel like, it feels very heavy when you're in it, and it feels like, how am I ever gonna get out of this? But it's only a phase. And like every entrepreneur has that phase, I feel like. And it's just sometimes part of the process, maybe always part of the process.

[00:07:16] Unless you had already started your business before leaving your job, this phase will be part of the process. Right? But there's a reason why your journey played out in the way that it did, right? You could have stayed there longer and worked on building your business, but you probably would've been fucking exhausted cuz you were already exhausted.

[00:07:34] And then adding a business or a side hustle on top of that would have been detrimental to your health, right? There's a reason why things happened in the way they did, and you can trust the choices you've made, and there's a reason why you're here, and what you're working on building right now, it's all gonna add up in your favor.

[00:07:53] Cuz when I look back on that phase of my journey, it's like it all added up in my favor. I think part of why I struggled halfway through that first year was also because I didn't wanna be a fitness coach anymore, but I wasn't honest with myself about that. And so I kept trying to get fitness coaching clients, but I didn't actually want them.

[00:08:10] So no wonder I wasn't making any money as a fitness coach cause I didn't wanna be one anymore. So part of it was like reaching that point, to finally be honest with me and make a pivot in my business. And then, part of it was also like that's when I started doing Fiverr, and now Fiverr has become this like an entire income stream of its own for me and my business.

[00:08:34] And so I don't think I ever would've gotten started on Fiverr if I wasn't in that phase of my business. So there's always something good that's gonna come out of it. There's always gonna be something that's getting you closer to where you're going, and you can't see it when you're in it because it just feels like nothing is working, but it's all always working in your favor, you know?

[00:08:54] And so trusting that and trusting your intuition to keep guiding you, like following what feels good, following those like your design, right? Those trusting your emotions when something feels good for you. When something doesn't feel good for you, knowing when to say yes to and what to say no to is the most efficient way to get to where you're going.

[00:09:14] So, when you have this idea of doing DoorDash, I would see what kind of signs you get around it. I would maybe sit on it for a little bit and see. If that feels like a yes for you, then who knows? That could become that could pay your bills while you're building your business. 

[00:09:29] And it's not something you need to do forever. Another example is when I started doing social media management, I joined this agency that I'm still working with, and that's where I have a few of my social media management clients. And now I'm at a point where I'm. This is really not feeling great for me anymore.

[00:09:47] I know I can make a lot more money if I have clients on my own outside of this agency, but like working with them, I will probably leave them in the next couple of months. But, like working with them, I've gained so much, like they have all of these resources that I've been able to use, and I've been able also to see how an agency is structured because I feel like that's what my business is turning into and it's turning into its own agency.

[00:10:11] I've been able to see how that all works, and I can now translate that into building my own social media agency. I never thought that was where my business was going or what I wanted to be doing, but here I am, and so, I couldn't have predicted anything. But what I know for sure is that even in the phases where it felt like it wasn't working and where I was struggling to make money, it always was adding up in my favor, and everything was getting me closer to where I am, and I'm just so glad that I never gave up because there were a lot of times where it would've been easy to give up, but I always just had this like voice in the back of my head that was like, you're so close. Just keep going. Just try this one other thing; just say yes to this opportunity that feels scary.

[00:10:59] Just reaching out to that person and following that trusting my intuition the entire time, I think, is really what's led me to where I am now. And obviously, a big part of it was my own spiritual and healing journey when it came to my money mindset and all of this stuff. But like I was led to every single piece of that.

[00:11:19] I was led to Amanda Frances, who I've probably learned the most from. And then, I was led to my hypnotherapist, whom I worked with. I can't tell you what your path will look like, but I can tell you for sure that you're always being guided, so you will be guided to whatever the next right thing is for you to reach your next level.

[00:11:39] Whether that's some practical action to take or healing something around your money mindset that will help you reach that next level. It's probably some combination of both, but you don't have to figure out what that is because it's being sorted out for you. Your only job is to follow those pulls that you.

[00:12:00] Yes, definitely. I feel the same way, where I feel so close to something. I don't know what it is, but I feel like just around the corner from turning Fiverr into an income stream, like

[00:12:14] Client: I'm just around the corner from tapping into a wealth of clients who wanna work with me. So I definitely do feel that, and it's a good thing to have in the back of my mind because it makes me not want to give up. 

[00:12:26] Lindsay: Yeah, and I would also imagine that you already had, or you knew, every piece of content with every content you make. Imagine, okay, this brings me my next client and show up with that energy, with that certainty, and with that level of confidence. Because it all adds up. At some point, you have built the momentum, and then it gets easier. With every post you make, you get more followers and more people interested in hearing from you. You get more people in your email list and more people booking calls.

[00:12:59] Like for me, I was shocked when the biggest month I've ever had in my business still was in 2020. Yeah, I think it was September 2020. It was like right after I really started talking about my coaching on my podcast, so I started my podcast in January of that year, and I was like sharing my journey, sharing tips, but I wasn't really like talking about my coaching a ton, and then I was like, I'm just gonna start talking about my coaching more.

[00:13:27] So then for a couple of months, like every episode, I would talk about my coaching, how you can work with me, who I work with, and what I can help you work through. That wasn't the whole episode, but at the end of every episode, I would talk about it and link it in my show notes. And there was a week where I got five coaching applications, signed three clients in one week, and made $10,000 that month.

[00:13:50] I think it was almost 11. And it was like; I wasn't doing anything that was that revolutionary, but just from showing up consistently for a few weeks in a row and talking about my coaching, I got those three clients in one week. So yeah, I mean, sometimes it's like you'll have some opportunity that gets you in front of a lot of people, and then you get a lot of interest.

[00:14:12] You might have a viral video, but sometimes it's just about the consistency all adding up and catching up with you. That's the hardest part because when you feel like you've been putting out content for weeks and you're not getting anything back from it, it's hard to keep showing up.

[00:14:30] But like you are getting something from it cuz people are watching, it's showing up on people's for you page. They're seeing it, even if they're not interacting with it. I don't know who's listening to my podcast at any given moment, but I know that I had almost 300 yesterday. So clearly, people are listening, and I don't know what is gonna resonate with them, but my job is just to keep showing up.

[00:14:54] Yeah. I've seen that from my showing up on social media, too, that my visibility has grown. I've had more followers, I've had more engagement, and stuff like that, so I 

[00:15:05] Client: definitely do. It has shown me that it pays off, even if it's not like I'm now; I'm getting 20 to 40 likes per video versus the five that I was getting. I mean, it's still a big difference. 

[00:15:18] Lindsay: It is. So, especially when you think about the percentage of people interacting with your content compared to how many people actually see it. That means more people are liking it, and more people are seeing it and resonating with it, even if they're not liking or commenting or saving or sharing, right?

[00:15:36] Because that's definitely me. I don't usually comment on a TikTok, but I will remember it. Like I'll remember that person and just from. Especially on TikTok, just by me watching the video, they'll start to show up on my for you page more and more. So then I, there's this one person, I probably follow her by now, but at first, I didn't follow her.

[00:15:57] I didn't like her content. I didn't really comment on anything. But she was like a business coach, and she was constantly coming up on my for you page talking about how she's built her coaching business and giving tips and whatever, and now like she has no idea who the fuck I am, but I am pretty likely to probably buy from her at some point, whether it's like her membership or if she has like a course or maybe as a coach if I feel like I wanna have one-on-one coaching again.

[00:16:25] But she has no idea who I am. She has no idea that I've been consuming her content every day I open my TikTok. Do you know what I mean? And like there are people out there who, you are that person for them. And so it's just a matter of staying consistent with it, and eventually, it's all gonna add up.

[00:16:41] But your business is such a baby; you just gotta keep nurturing it, and it's gonna grow. Like it just, that's how it works. It just is what you nurture; what you put your attention and energy into you is naturally going to grow. So it's not always gonna be easy, but it's just about continuing to show up.

[00:16:59] Client: Yeah. One thing I feel like that has helped me in the morning when I journal, I have this blank thank you card, and I wrote down a bunch of stuff I wanted to say to myself on a daily basis. So a lot of the things like the clients are already here, and then I like to take a moment to think about it and imagine it, stuff like that. And just saying I'm willing to show up and do the work. I'm willing, just a bunch of different, like affirmations or whatever, to remind myself of every day. So I feel like that's been helpful too. Yeah. As far as the mindset,

[00:17:30] Lindsay: Also imagining it, physically imagining the clients and the type of clients you wanna have, like who is it that you're helping, what are you helping them work through?

[00:17:41] Is also just a really good exercise to do to get you in that head space of, who am I serving and who am I speaking to? Because that'll also translate into how you're showing up in your content.

[00:18:00] Hello, my loves. I hope you were able to take something away from that clip. Are you feeling inspired? Are you feeling motivated? Are you starting to feel your anxiety or money beliefs start to shift in a positive direction? If so, feel free to save this episode and listen to it again. Come back to it whenever you need to.

[00:18:23] If you feel called into coaching with me one-on-one, you can go to lindsayhanson.com/apply and submit your application. From there, we'll get on a call, chat about where you're at, what you're struggling with, what your goals are, and see what program is the best fit to get you to where you wanna be.

[00:18:43] Thank you for tuning in today. I love you. I appreciate you. I am here for you always, and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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