Quit Your Job, Sis

REMINDER: Life Is Short. What Are You Waiting For?

March 06, 2023 Lindsay Hanson Episode 161
Quit Your Job, Sis
REMINDER: Life Is Short. What Are You Waiting For?
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Is there a dream on your heart that you keep putting off because you’re scared of how it’ll turn out? Maybe you want to quit your job and start your own business, but you keep telling yourself now’s not the right time.

The reality is: you don’t have that much time to wait.

This episode is meant to serve as a friendly reminder that life is short. You never know when your last day will be, so why not live in the pursuit of your dreams?

Tell that person you love them, take that vacation, and go after the dreams that are on your heart. The moment is never going to be perfect, and that’s the most beautiful thing about it.

Go after what you want.

Take a moment to be grateful for everything you have right now, and know that it is okay to want more, better, or different things.

Don't waste any more of your life wondering, “what if?”

Don't waste more of your life telling yourself you can't.

So really, what are you waiting for? 

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[00:00:59] Hello, loves. I think today's episode will be a short but important one, and I wanted to share this message with you guys and also process some of my thoughts and emotions coming up for me. Last night I learned that a girl from my hometown was killed in a car accident. We had gone to the same high school.

[00:01:27] I wasn't close with her, but I knew who she was and had met her a few times. A car was fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run and hit her, and both people died in that accident. So it was a senseless and tragic situation, and I was really kind of shaken up when I heard about it, and not so much because I was close to her, but just that that could have been me.

[00:02:02] It could have been any one of my friends. It could have been; it could have been anyone. It could have been anyone of you listening to this right now; she was 25 years old, had her whole life ahead of her, and had many goals and aspirations. She was actually a fitness coach, and I know that she was making such a positive impact and helping so many people, and she just was like this light, was doing some really good things in the world, and it's hard to believe that her life can just be taken in a moment. It really doesn't feel real. It feels like it's just hard to believe, and seeing her picture on the news and all over social media, just doesn't feel real. It's like, how could this happen to someone who is so young and so innocent and such a good person?

[00:03:01] And it was just such a stark reminder of how short life really is. You really never know when your last day here is gonna be. It could be today; it could be tomorrow. In a moment, everything could change. And I don't; I'm not trying to be morbid, but it's just the truth. And I think it's important for us to remember that sometimes it lights a fire under our ass and reminds us that we don't have all that much time here.

[00:03:31] Even if you live to be a hundred years old, your life is gonna flash before your eyes, and so what are you doing wasting time being unhappy, wasting time in a job that is making you miserable, wasting time in a relationship that's not fulfilling, wasting time doing anything that doesn't feel fulfilling for you.

[00:03:51] I know it's not easy to just up and change your situation, but my point is, stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting for the circumstances to be perfect. They're never gonna be perfect, and you might lose your chance to go after whatever that thing is that is on your heart, to go after that dream, to start that business, to take that vacation, to go visit that person, to tell that person that you love them, stop waiting because you might not get the chance.

[00:04:26] And, part of why I made the decision to quit my job four years ago is because this is what I was thinking about. I was thinking about when I was 24 years old; I was thinking about I don't wanna get to the end of my life and look back and have to wonder if I don't want to have any regrets.

[00:04:50] About how I lived my life, my decisions, and the things I could have done differently. If there is something that I want, I'm gonna go after it. And I'm so glad I made that decision four years ago because I was thinking about how. It could be me, or it could be any of us. I could be in a car accident tomorrow and be gone, and if that happened, I wouldn't have any regrets because, for the past four years, I have been living and working toward this life that I want to create.

[00:05:25] I have been working toward my dream. I have been taking action. I have been making an impact that I'm here too, and of course, there's always the next goal. There's a lot more that I want to accomplish in my life, and I hope that I'm able to live long enough to accomplish all of those things.

[00:05:46] But if I don't, I at least know that I was working toward it. Every day I got up, I was working toward the goals that I had set for myself. And so I know that when I leave this earth someday, I'm gonna do it without any regrets. And I'm just so glad that I didn't wait any longer.

[00:06:09] The circumstances weren't perfect, and they never would've been perfect. And if I had waited till the day that I felt ready to start my business and quit my job, I would still be an accountant right now. And I would be wondering what if I had gone for it, and it only would have gotten harder with every month and every year that I let go by without making a change.

[00:06:28] It would have been harder to quit my job, build the business I now have, and get to where I am now. And I'm so glad that I did it at the time that I did it and that I stopped waiting because, in the grand scheme of things, what the fuck was I waiting for, you know? What are you waiting for?

[00:06:47] You don't have that much time, and you might have even less time than you think you do. So if there's something you wanna do, do whatever you can right now to get closer to that career, to that business, to that life, to whatever it is you want. You might not be able to up and change your situation tomorrow, but there are things that you can do to start putting the wheels in motion so that, at some point, you can create the life that you're here to live and you just don't have any time to waste.

[00:07:16] You really don't. And it's so crazy. I saw on her Instagram that just a couple of weeks ago, she had made a post with all of her goals for 2023, and that just hit me because it's so tragic that she won't be able to live out all of those dreams. But also, just knowing that she was someone who had such big goals and aspirations, I have no doubt that she would have lived out and accomplished every one of those things this year.

[00:07:46] But she didn't get the chance -hoo - I was trying not to cry. But, it just hit me because I'm like, that could be me. I don't know if I've made a post with my 2023 goals, but I certainly have them, I certainly have them in my journal. I have many things I want to accomplish this year and in the years to come.

[00:08:07] And it's crazy to think that I might never get the chance to do those things, but at least I'm working toward them, you know? And at least if my time were cut short, I wouldn't have any regrets because I knew that I was working toward everything I wanted to create and that I wasn't telling myself and listening to all of the lies, excuses, and reasons why's not possible for me.

[00:08:29] I was going for it anyways, even when it didn't make sense, even when the circumstances weren't perfect, even when it didn't feel like the right time. I still bet on myself, said yes to my dreams, and was willing to do whatever it took to create the life I wanted. And in a lot of ways, I've already done that, and there's still a lot in my life and my business that I want to accomplish.

[00:08:51] But it was also a really good reminder that I've come so far from, from what I set out to do four years ago; I'm here, I did it, and I'm still doing it and growing it and working toward the bigger and bigger dreams every year. But my message for you today is life is short. So stop waiting because you never know when you'll lose your chance to go after what you want.

[00:09:18] And I want all of you to make the most of the time that you have here, and if there's something on your heart, on your mind, in your intuition, in your soul that you know is meant for you, then it is meant for you, and you have to go after it. Because what if you don't? What if you lose your chance? We're not here forever, time is limited, and life is short.

[00:09:43] So go after what you want. Oh, and also, just take a moment to be grateful. Be grateful for your life. Be grateful that you're here. When something like this happens, everything that felt so big feels so insignificant. You know, the struggles and the challenges that can feel like these really big obstacles that are holding us back.

[00:10:06] When you put it in perspective of the fact that you might be gone tomorrow, they really start to seem so fucking small. And so just remember that and be grateful that you're here. Be grateful for your life. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to go after what you want, and don't waste any more time.

[00:10:25] Don't waste any more of your life wondering what if? Don't waste more of your life telling yourself you can't. Don't waste any more time telling yourself that it's not possible for you because, at the end of the day, what do you have to lose? Just go for it. Just go for it. You have nothing to lose, and I don't know about you, but the worst thing to me.

[00:10:48] The worst thing would be getting to the end of my life, whether that's me a hundred years old on my deathbed or me being taken in some tragic accident tomorrow. To me, the worst thing is getting to the end of my life and having regrets. I'm really grateful that for the past four years, I've been living a life where I can say I don't have any regrets. That doesn't mean it's been perfect, and every day has been amazing, and I don't have any challenges or any struggles and that everything goes my way. It doesn't. But just the fact that I have been working toward this life that I was dreaming of and building this business that I was dreaming of means that I don't have to wonder, what if? I don't have to regret not taking that chance, not betting on myself, or taking that leap of faith. It was all so worth it. And now I'm able to say that I'm, that I don't have any regrets. I really, I really, truly don't, and I can look back on my life with nothing but gratitude and happiness and fulfillment because I went after what I wanted.

[00:11:54] I had no idea how. I had no idea what the path would look like for me, but I knew that I had to because the alternative was just wondering what I had, and I wasn't willing to live with that. And I don't know what in me at 24 years old. I don't know why that's what was on my mind, but that's why I made the decisions that I made.

[00:12:14] Unfortunately, I think it takes some tragedy for many of us. It takes us losing someone close to us. It takes us being diagnosed with some terminal illness or some other tragedy for us to start thinking about things like this. But I think it would benefit us all to think about whether we are living the life we want to be living.

[00:12:36] And if we were to be gone tomorrow, would we have any regrets? Because to me, it's just not worth living a life with regrets. You only have one shot at this. You only have one life. You're only here for a short amount of time. Even if you live to be a hundred years old, it's gonna go by in the blink of an eye.

[00:12:52] So stop waiting and go after what it is that you want. That's very vague, but I don't know what it is specifically that you want, whoever's listening to this, but whatever it is, you know what it is. You know what's on your heart, and it's time for you to go after it. And I trust that this message is gonna reach whoever needs to hear it today.

[00:13:14] So, if you're listening to this, I love you. I am here for you, and if you need help on your journey, send me a message. DM me on Instagram. I am here for you, and I want to see all of you live out what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime. All right. Thank you for listening. I love you. I appreciate you.

[00:13:37] I am here for you always, and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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