Quit Your Job, Sis

2022: Healing, Growth, and Lessons Learned

December 29, 2022 Lindsay Hanson Episode 151
Quit Your Job, Sis
2022: Healing, Growth, and Lessons Learned
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2022 was an uplevel in all areas. In my business, my physical health, my mental health, and my relationship. As a result, a whole lot of cool sh*t happened:

✔️ Got a house
✔️ Got engaged
✔️ Ditched birth control
✔️ Ditched caffeine
✔️ Tried hypnotherapy
✔️ Outsourced more + created new income streams
✔️ Nearly doubled my income in the second half of the year

I wanted to record this episode to share what went on behind the scenes this year to get me to where I am now.

More empowered, confident, and free than I've ever been before.

Here are the main takeaways:

1) Let it be easy - The things that come the most naturally to you are probably going to be your most effective marketing strategies.

2) Embrace outsourcing - If you're afraid to release control in your business, you're capping your income and your business growth.

3) It's all adding up in your favor - You are exactly where you're supposed to be. The things that aren't working out are getting you closer to where you're meant to be. Trust the process.

A lot can change in a year. Where do you want to be this time next year?

And what can you do today to get yourself there?


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[00:02:23] Lindsay: Hello. My loves. It is the last week of 2022. So much in my life and my business has changed this past year. I was thinking last night about where I was at this point last year compared to now. And it is absolutely ludicrous how different my life is and how different I feel personally as a business owner. If you follow me on social media, you know that I got a house this year.

[00:02:50] Lindsay: I got engaged this year. I've also made more money in the past four months. Actually, not even counting December. I made more money between August and November than I did in the entire first seven months of this year, and I think there's a very clear reason for that, which I will get into, but I feel like 2022 has

[00:03:08] Lindsay: been the year of coming back home to myself and removing everything that wasn't mine. All of the conditioning that had been keeping me stuck, because to be honest, for the first few years of building my business. Yes, I was seeing progress and I was seeing growth, but I just felt like I was so stuck in so many ways.

[00:03:26] Lindsay: I noticed that I kept coming up at right around the same income every single year, and I would just notice these patterns where I felt like I was capping myself and I was self sabotaging, and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't break through to my next level and see the success that I was seeing other entrepreneurs have, which

[00:03:47] Lindsay: we should never compare ourselves to people on social media. We're all on our own journey, and I now see like how all of this is coming together in my favor because everything is always coming together in your favor. If you didn't know that, but so much of my personal journey, my entrepreneurial journey, my spiritual journey has culminated into this really beautiful, I just got chilled as I was saying that, but like this really beautiful point in my life that I'm so grateful to be at right now.

[00:04:15] Lindsay: And so I wanna share with you guys how I got here, what's been going on behind the scenes at Lindsay Hanson, Inc. In 2022. So I remember at the start of this year, I was getting really into human design, which for the purposes of this episode, I don't really have time to dive into. But if you don't know what human design is, it's basically a framework

[00:04:38] Lindsay: that combines a lot of different kind of theologies, like it combines astrology and different things. It's based on when you were born, your birth time, your birthplace, and we all have our own unique design and how I have been using human design. It is really a framework for decision making, [00:05:00] especially in my business, but also with everything.

[00:05:02] Lindsay: Because your design tells you your strategy and my strategy, I'm a generator. My strategy is to respond. And so what that essentially means is that whenever I'm presented with some opportunity, I know I have a sacral response. So basically in my gut, I know whether something is a yes for me or whether it's a no for me, and I can trust that.

[00:05:26] Lindsay: And so learning that was so empowering because I felt like it validated so much of what I've known my entire life and how I've lived my entire life and made decisions that other people might have seen as impulsive. But I was like, but I know this is the right decision for me. Like I just know, and my decisions don't always make sense, but I know when something is a yes or a no, and I always have.

[00:05:50] Lindsay: And so it felt like it gave me a lot of clarity and a lot of validation in that sense. But on the other hand, my strategy is to respond, which essentially [00:06:00] means I am not meant to initiate. I am not meant to have an idea and just initiate on it. I am meant to wait and see what kind of signs I get in my physical reality, and when I feel that sacral like full body, yes.

[00:06:16] Lindsay: That's how I know what is right for me at that moment. And when I tell you, this has changed the game for me because in the past, you know, we're taught that you have to go out and work hard to create whatever you want. And I realized looking back, that I was constantly doing things and using strategies that required me to initiate and required me to say yes to a lot of things that felt like a no for me.

[00:06:40] Lindsay: And this is why I always say that you need to find a strategy that feels good for you because that's one, the thing that you're gonna be able to be consistent with, but two, it's also likely the thing that comes most naturally to you is the right strategy for you. But we discount that because we feel like we don't know enough about what we're doing.

[00:06:59] Lindsay: We don't know enough about marketing, so we can't just trust our natural instincts, right. But looking back, all of the things that have brought in the best results for my business were the things that came most naturally to me. This podcast being exhibit A, right? Like I didn't create this podcast from a place of I wanna make more money, I wanna get more clients.

[00:07:17] Lindsay: How can I create a new marketing funnel for my business? I just kept getting these signs to create a podcast, and it was something that I felt really called to do and that I've always kind of wanted to do. And so I decided to trust myself and do it, and it has now become the best marketing funnel in my business.

[00:07:32] Lindsay: But that was never my intention. And every single video I've ever made on the internet that went viral was one that I recorded in two minutes. I saw something. A lot of them actually are videos that on TikTok, like I see a video and then I stitch it and kind of add my reaction to it. Those are usually the ones that go viral for me, and I don't think that's a coincidence because my strategy is to respond.

[00:07:56] Lindsay: And so it, when I see a video on TikTok and I get that [00:08:00] sacral response of, okay, I wanna respond to those. I wanna share my thoughts on this, and then I do it in the moment. Not a whole lot of editing, not a whole lot of like me planning out what I wanna say. It's just me hitting record. Like of course those are the ones that go viral.

[00:08:15] Lindsay: Like it all makes sense and that's why human design for me, I feel like has just made sense in a way that like the Enneagram or personality types, I feel like they kind of gave me some framework and some understanding of how I operate, but human design has actually given me an actual framework that has consistently worked for me.

[00:08:38] Lindsay: And so now I've been able to use it as a really powerful tool for myself, for decision making in my business and in my personal life, as well as for my clients. I can now incorporate human design into how I coach other entrepreneurs through launching and growing their business, which has been really cool.

[00:08:55] Lindsay: So I kind of entered 2022. Learning more about human design and incorporating it more and more into my business. At the same time, in February, I made the decision to get off of birth control. And I was again, getting all of these signs, seeing all of these videos on social media of people who have gotten off of birth control, and I was just really feeling like I don't want to be putting artificial hormones in my body anymore.

[00:09:21] Lindsay: I was on the pill for 10 years and I decided to get off of it earlier this year, and it was the best decision that I've ever made. I feel so much better. I have so much more energy. I used to get migraines all the time on the pill. I no longer get migraine. and I also just feel so much more in tune with myself, with my body, with my cycle, with my energy levels.

[00:09:43] Lindsay: I've shared a little bit about my birth control journey in a previous interview that I did with a functional nutrition therapist, I also have another upcoming episode where I talk a little bit more about it. So if you're interested in that, I'm not gonna go into too much detail with it here, but if you're thinking about getting off the pill or getting off of hormonal birth control, 100% do it.

[00:10:05] Lindsay: Best decision I have ever made, and at the same time when I decided to get off the pill and I was kind of just being more observant about what was going on with my body and my emotions and how I was feeling throughout the day, I started to notice that after I would drink my morning cup of coffee, I would start to feel anxious.

[00:10:25] Lindsay: And I was like, damn, coffee, caffeine gives me anxiety and I've just been living my entire life. I don't even know when I started drinking coffee. At some point in high school I started drinking coffee, and every single day I've just been like low key living with anxiety and thinking that that was just like normal.

[00:10:40] Lindsay: Like, no wonder so many of us have anxiety and so around like March and April, I was working on weaning myself off of caffeine and I have since fully been off of caffeine for months now, and I'm not saying you have to ditch caffeine, but what I am saying is that being more in tune with my body and just being more aware of my mood, my energy levels, Anytime I had any pain in my body has been a game changer for me.

[00:11:09] Lindsay: Not only because I feel better, I have more energy, but of course that also translates into how I'm able to show up in my business, how I'm able to show up online. I have more energy to create content. I have more energy to get more done throughout the day. And so that's something that I think has definitely indirectly contributed to my business growth and just me being able to show up better for my business, for my clients, for my team, and even in my personal life, being able to show up better for my relationship for the people in my life.

[00:11:41] Lindsay: And like I said, I feel like 2022 has been the year of removing everything that was preventing me from kind of being in my natural energetic state. And so getting into human design, getting off of hormonal birth control, getting off of caffeine has really helped me to just feel more in tune with myself and kind of like I said, come back home to who I've always been and always was meant to be.

[00:12:09] Lindsay: And then in June I went even deeper into this journey of deconditioning and healing and coming back home to myself. So where we were at, at this point, we had been wanting to buy a house. So we were living in an apartment, our lease was coming up in August. We had to let our landlord know by the end of June, whether we were gonna be renewing for another year.

[00:12:34] Lindsay: And so we were kind of on a mission to find a house before June was over. And we had been looking for months. The housing market was crazy. I mean, I think it still kind of is, but it was like peak crazy. Like there were houses that were going for a hundred K over asking people were waving inspections.

[00:12:52] Lindsay: There were multiple houses that we went to put an offer on like the same day that we went to the open house and they were like, sorry, we already accepted an offer. Like it it felt like it was impossible to get a house, and so we were looking at this house. It was literally the last one on our list. Basically the last one we were gonna look at before we just gave up and renewed our lease for another year.

[00:13:14] Lindsay: The asking price for this house was at the top of our budget. So like we could not offer anything over asking price for this house. And I almost didn't even want to come look at it. Cause I was like, there's no way we're gonna get this house. Why even bother? This is a waste of time, but we come to the open house.

[00:13:30] Lindsay: The house is beautiful. It is like a fucking dream gorgeous house. Spacious, huge yard. Like everything that I knew that I wanted in a house, and so many things that I didn't know that I wanted in a house, but it was like as soon as I stepped in this house, I just felt like this is what I want my home to feel like.

[00:13:53] Lindsay: And of course I wanted the house, and of course we were gonna put an offer on it, but it was like we can't offer more than asking, and there's gotta be someone who is gonna offer over asking on this house. And I just remember for those of you who are into manifestation, I feel like I really manifested us getting this house because part of our offer, I was like, why don't we write a letter to the homeowners?

[00:14:19] Lindsay: Like the previous homeowners of our house were the original homeowners. They had this house built for them and for their family. They lived here for almost 30 years. They raised their family here and I was like, they have a sentimental attachment to this house. And I think they would really love to know that it's going to a couple who plans on starting and raising their own family in this house someday.

[00:14:43] Lindsay: And like, anyway, I was thinking about writing like a love letter, including it in our offer. And then before I even said anything, Brendan was like, do you think that we should write a letter? And I was like, absolutely. I got this, let me do it. So I really used that as a moment to like manifest, just envisioning us being in this house and like, I literally was crying the entire time I was writing this letter, but I, I like, felt it, I was like, it makes no kind of sense for us to get this house also on paper.

[00:15:11] Lindsay: Like, I can't afford to live in this house. Like based on the amount of money I was making at the. But I just knew that it would all work out. And so I let myself imagine us getting this house, living in the house, starting our family in this house, and I wrote that out into our letter. We sent it to them.

[00:15:30] Lindsay: I think they had maybe four or five other offers, but they ended up going with us. Somehow we got this fucking house, like this dream of a house that felt like it was so out of reach, but they accepted our offer. And so everything happened really quickly. It was like mid-June, maybe towards the end of June when our offer got accepted.

[00:15:53] Lindsay: The closing was in the middle of July, and then we were gonna be moving in the first week of August. So a lot was happening. [00:16:00] A lot was happening. I knew there were a lot of changes coming. I knew that in no logical practical world could I afford to live in this house and like contribute to all of our expenses in the way that I wanted to.

[00:16:13] Lindsay: On paper, it didn't make any kind of sense, but I knew and I made it my intention, that I was going to allow this house to elevate me into my next level and to kind of be the push that I needed to grow my business and start making more money and making the amount of money that I wanted to be making. And like, I mean, long story short, that's exactly what fucking happened, but here's what I was led to back in July.

[00:16:42] Lindsay: Hypnotherapy. So this is something that one of my friends had mentioned to me, one of my other entrepreneurial friends, she was talking about how she had worked with a hypnotherapist. And so I started looking more into it and I was just feeling really called, like at that point in July, I was feeling a lot of anxiety for many reasons.

[00:17:04] Lindsay: One being I was not making enough money to be living in this house that we were about to move into. And so I was stressing about that and how I was gonna get my business to the place that I wanted it to be at. I think the fact that we were moving into a house also freaked me out a little bit when it came to not freaking me out in the sense of like doubting.

[00:17:26] Lindsay: My relationship or doubting or being afraid of commitment or anything like that, but okay, so my parents are divorced. Brendan's parents are also divorced. And I have always had this fear of being with the wrong person or being in an unhappy relationship and an unhappy marriage. And I think just taking that next step of getting a house together made me realize how close we were to the next step of marriage.

[00:17:55] Lindsay: Like that was really the only next step left after we got a house together was getting married, and so it freaked something out in my brain and I started just having these crazy, this crazy like anxiety about my relationship that wasn't really based in anything real. It was just based on this, I guess, trauma, if you wanna call it that from my past.

[00:18:17] Lindsay: This fear that was living in me because of how I saw my parents' relationship play out essentially. And so I was just at a point where I was like I need someone to help me sort all of this out and heal all of this shit that is within me and help me to get to where I want to be. And so I ended up booking a call with the hypnotherapist, who my friend had referred me to.

[00:18:44] Lindsay: Her name is Andrea. She's fucking amazing. I'll link all of her stuff in the show notes if you guys feel called into connecting with her as well. But she primarily helps women entrepreneurs heal. Their money shit so [00:19:00] that they can make more money in their business. And so that was initially what kind of drew me to her.

[00:19:06] Lindsay: But then I also really wanted to work through this stuff with like my relationship and healing this part of me that had this fear around marriage or whatever it was that was going on. And I just felt like I had reached a point where I had been to. I had invested in coaches. I had done the mindset work.

[00:19:27] Lindsay: I had done so much journaling and so much, I thought I was doing so much healing on my own, and I couldn't figure out why I still felt so stuck and had all this anxiety, and I felt like this was gonna be the thing that was gonna help me to really uncover the root of how I was feeling. And what was going on, and finally fucking heal all of this shit so that it can stop holding me back.

[00:19:53] Lindsay: Like I felt like I was aware of what it was that was holding me back, but going to therapy and journaling on it just wasn't actually healing it and clearing it so that it could stop giving me anxiety and holding me back in my business right? And that is exactly what fucking happens. Like when I had this first session with her.

[00:20:13] Lindsay: She was talking about kind of what to expect with hypnotherapy, and she said to me a lot of people see better results with six hypnotherapy sessions than they do with years of therapy. And in total, I had, I think, eight or nine sessions with her, but it, when I tell you by the sixth session, I felt like a completely different person.

[00:20:34] Lindsay: I mean, after every session, I felt like a completely different person. But hypnotherapy and like you're not being hypnotized, like it's not this weird metaphysical thing. It's just about regulating your nervous system. So hypnotherapist helps you to get to kind of a neutral, calm regulated state where you can then kind of go into your subconscious mind and really get to the root of the anxiety you're feeling or whatever it is that you're feeling, and then release it from your body like

[00:21:07] Lindsay: physically, whether that's through crying, whether it's through movement like physically, actually once and for all, released that shit from your body. And by doing this, I realized that there were so many emotions and beliefs and stories that I was telling myself and holding onto, and things that I picked up from my childhood.

[00:21:29] Lindsay: That were holding me back in my business and that were holding me back in my relationship, and that were causing me to make up all these stories in my head and create these fears and these anxieties constantly that were not actually based in anything real. They were just based on these things that happened in my past, in my childhood as I was growing up and from going to talk therapy or journaling the shit out, it was like, yeah, for a lot of it, it wasn't a shock to me where this stuff originated. 

[00:22:00] Lindsay: But just knowing where it originated didn't actually allow me to release the emotional attachment to it in my body. And that was the thing that was holding me back. Because I can do affirmations all day long. I can get into a state of, you know, being ready for my next level. And in the past I had even manifested some

[00:22:20] Lindsay: big months in my business, but then it was never consistent because there was always this part of me that, you know, this smaller part of me, this fearful part of me, my inner child, whatever you wanna call it, that would hold me back and would not feel safe to let things continue to be good. Like I literally realized from going to hypnotherapy that like, even though I didn't have a crazy or really traumatic childhood, there was this part of me that kind of expected chaos.

[00:22:51] Lindsay: And so when my nervous system was regulated, and when things were just going okay, in my business, in my relationship, in my life, that would not feel safe to me. It did not feel safe physically in my body. I did not feel safe to allow myself to just exist in my very healthy and happy relationship. I did not feel safe to let my business be good, to allow myself to have bigger months consistently.

[00:23:17] Lindsay: And so through this process of hypnotherapy, I was able to finally release all of that. Finally heal it. Finally clear it out. So I started working with her in July, and literally in August, I had my biggest month of my business this year. That was when we moved into our house, and I also got engaged that month, which just cannot be a coincidence. Like

[00:23:38] Lindsay: and then I was working with her from like end of July to mid-October I think. And I can't even put into words how differently, I feel like I used to just kind of have this low level of anxiety beneath the surface, like all the time, like whether it was. My brain making up stories about my business or about my relationship or about whatever. 

[00:24:00] Lindsay: I just kind of lived in that state and I got so used to being able to self-regulate to some extent through journaling or whatever, and feeling better for like a day, but then going back into that spiral of the stories that were coming out from my past, and that just doesn't happens. Like my natural state is calm, my natural state is neutral.

[00:24:21] Lindsay: My natural state is regulated nervous system, and so, but I do notice any anxiety coming up or any crazy stories my brain is trying to tell me, I feel like I have the tools I need to regulate that because I've cleared out. The major emotional trauma shit that was clogging up my energy for so damn long.

[00:24:45] Lindsay: And like I said, from August to November, I already had made more than I made in the first seven months of my business. And I'm just so excited to see how this translates into my business and my revenue in 2023 [00:25:00] because I feel like a completely different person. I feel like I've stepped into my next level as a business owner.

[00:25:06] Lindsay: As a woman, as a fiance, soon to be wife, and I am just so ready and looking back, I'm just like, everything really was working in my favor all along to get me here. You know what I mean? Like I was led to human design and I was led to hypnotherapy exactly when I needed it. To be able to now be in this phase of being in my house with my fiance, growing my business.

[00:25:32] Lindsay: And really living the life that I've been dreaming of for fucking years at this point, you know? And so that is what I mean when I say 2022 was the year of coming back home to myself and removing everything that was in mine, removing all of the conditioning, everything that was keeping me stuck. And I also really, truly believe that like getting this house and getting engaged and now having to plan a wedding and plan to pay for a wedding is also contributing to me.

[00:26:02] Lindsay: It's like forcing me to up level in my business. It's forcing me to really, really heal and look at all of my shit so that I can step into my next level because I have to, because we got a house and a wedding to pay for. You know what I mean? Like I can't stay stuck at this income cap that I kept hitting up against

[00:26:20] Lindsay: like, oh my God, I could talk about money shit all day. And I'll probably do another episode to go more in detail about like what came up for me in hypnotherapy and what I was able to work through, but a lot of money, shit, a little bit of relationship shit, and I feel like a completely new person as we're stepping into 2023.

[00:26:39] Lindsay: And in terms of what that's looked like in my business, as I mentioned, my income has increased and increased consistently over the past few months. I have now hired another person to help me out with my social media management side of my. Particularly with Fiverr. So I reopened my Fiverr accounts back in March, and I've just made more and more money on Fiverr pretty much every single month.

[00:27:04] Lindsay: At this point, I'm making almost $2,000 a month just for my LinkedIn profile optimization gig. And that's the other thing that I noticed. Ever since that month in August is like the actual practical things that I'm doing to grow my business, really haven't changed all that much. Like I didn't make more money in August because I changed the way I was marketing my business.

[00:27:26] Lindsay: I ended up getting a private coaching client who found me from just listening to this podcast and then wanting to work with me. I haven't promoted my private coaching in, well, I don't think I promoted it at all this entire year, but I ended up getting one client who has now been working with me for over three months.

[00:27:44] Lindsay: There was another person who, I got four private coaching applications basically in the last three months. Have not promoted my private coaching at all. My Fiverrr has taken off. I don't do anything to promote my Fiverr gig. The algorithm just, you know, I knew how to set up my gig so that the algorithm could do its thing and bring clients to me in my sleep, and I literally wake up to messages from buyers every single day.

[00:28:08] Lindsay: I have more orders than I can keep up with, and I have to hire someone because I'm still only doing Fiverr or part-time. Like this is a $2,000 a month income stream that could easily be a four or $5,000 a month income stream if I was doing it full-time or if I had more people who could help me manage these orders, which I'm probably gonna be hiring more people very soon, but like that has just taken off.

[00:28:30] Lindsay: I've gotten more podcast sponsors. I haven't put any effort into going out and getting podcast sponsors. I just kept getting emails from. Who are interested in sponsoring podcast episodes, you know what I mean? So that's why like so much of business is about. Because once I healed all of that shit and money trauma from my past and changed the stories that I was telling myself about how I can make money with ease, I didn't change anything I was practically doing in my business, but more money started flowing in.

[00:29:02] Lindsay: And so my mission for 2023, everything that is going to be guiding all of my business decisions is gonna be how can I make more money while working less, because I've also been getting a little bit burnt out with how much time I'm spending on my social media management clients on Fiverr orders.

[00:29:22] Lindsay: Like currently I'm, I'm working probably more than 40 hours a week, and I really want to bring that down in 2023 because I noticed that when I have more space in my days and in my schedule, that's when a lot of creativity flows in. Like that's when I'm creating the best content, which ends up translating into more business growth, more people finding me, following me, listening to the podcast, whatever, wanting to work with me, right?

[00:29:47] Lindsay: And I feel like I have actually been holding myself back by working so much on things that somebody else could be doing. I've really leaned into outsourcing the past few months and just being okay with letting go of a little [00:30:00] bit of control in my business in order to have other people take on things

[00:30:03] Lindsay: that are just clogging up my energy. So I just hired someone who's gonna be helping me with repurposing my content, getting out email newsletters more regularly, and just freeing up my time and my energy so that I can be spending it again on the things that are a yes for me and stop spending it on the things that I'm just getting frustrated with and that are taking up my time.

[00:30:24] Lindsay: And this is just a lesson for you entrepreneurs out there, is that like if you are trying to do everything in your business, you are probably holding yourself back from growth and being afraid to outsource. Whether it's a fear of letting go of control, a fear of spending money to hire someone, you are probably being the bottleneck in your own business that is preventing you from seeing growth.

[00:30:44] Lindsay: Like I couldn't have possibly made more money if I was still trying to do everything myself, like I was capped out with the amount of hours I could take on as a social media manager. Capped out with the amount of orders I could take on from Fiverrr every month, because I only had so many [00:31:00] hours every week to do that stuff.

[00:31:01] Lindsay: So hiring someone has allowed me to pretty much instantly double the revenue that I was seeing from Fiverrr, right? And hiring more people is gonna help me to double it again. And there's also just so many tasks that I keep telling myself I need to do, and I want to do, like, I want to be repurposing my content on Pinterest and Facebook and YouTube, but I just simply don't have the time

[00:31:24] Lindsay: to do that shit. And so if I keep telling myself, well, I don't have the budget to outsource it, then it's just not gonna get done. And that's preventing me from reaching more people, which is gonna translate into more business growth for me. So I'm really at a point of embracing outsourcing. Anything that can be delegated, should be delegated.

[00:31:43] Lindsay: And I am no longer gonna be spending my time on shit that is clogging up my energy and burning me out. And preventing me from being in my state of flow and creativity and alignment. So a lot of growth, a lot of lessons learned in 2022. A whole lot of things that I wanna be able to share with you guys as you are on your own personal development and entrepreneurial journeys.

[00:32:08] Lindsay: But the thing that I am feeling led to share with you right now is Fiverr. So, as you probably know, I have my masterclass coming up on January 4th where I'm gonna be sharing how to get started making money on Fiverr, how to set up your profile and your gigs to stand out to work with the algorithm so that you can turn it into a consistent income stream and a consistent client funnel as I have in my business.

[00:32:36] Lindsay: Fiverr has just been something that's always been consistent for me, and even though I've paused my gigs multiple times when my business outside of Fiverr got busy, I don't think it's a coincidence that I was always led back to Fiverr, and it's always been a really easy and effective income stream for me.

[00:32:55] Lindsay: Like I said, I wake up to messages every day from buyers. My gig consistently ranks on page one, and I've really embrace letting Fiverr be easy and letting it grow and turn into an income stream of its own. And rather than pausing my gigs, outsourcing it, you know, hiring people to help me with these orders so that I can continue to let this thing that is working, keep working.

[00:33:17] Lindsay: And I want to teach you how to do that as well. So if you are a new freelancer or even an experienced freelancer, and you are interested in exploring Fiverr as a potential new income stream and client funnel for your business. I am going to be sharing everything you need to know, everything I have to give to help you succeed on Fiverr.

[00:33:38] Lindsay: Everything that has helped me to get to where I am, where Fiverr has become a really reliable income stream for me. So if you are listening to this episode and it is still 2022, then you still have time, but you only have a few more days to sign up for the masterclass. It's being held live on January 4th.

[00:33:55] Lindsay: You can get all the details on the sign-up page @ [00:34:00] lindsayhanson.com/Fiverr. That's F I V E R R. I will link it in the show notes for you. Come join me and let's kick off 2023 with a new income stream for you. All right, you guys, if you're still listening, thank you , thank you for being here. Thank you for listening to this episode.

[00:34:17] Lindsay: It's one of my longer solo casts, but I feel like so much has been going on behind the scenes that I just haven't gotten on here to share with you guys, and I'm super excited to share more as I continue to grow my business and see how all of this healing that I've done in 2022 has really translated into growth for my business, for my relationship, for my personal life, for all the things.

[00:34:42] Lindsay: Cuz that's really why we're here, you know that's why I decided to quit my job, was to create a life where I felt free and I felt like I was living in alignment with who I am and who I'm meant to be and who I want to be, and the lifestyle that I wanna create for myself. And I'm creating that more and more every single year.

[00:35:00] Lindsay: Like literally every single year, I feel like I'm looking back and so much growth has happened, and that's what I wanted. I wanted a life that wasn't me living the same day a million times. I wanted a life. where I was constantly growing and I'm just so glad and so proud of myself, and so grateful to be where I'm at right now and to be able to share that with you and support you as you are on your own journey.

[00:35:26] Lindsay: And so I wanna thank you and honor you for being here. I wanna tell you that you are exactly where you need to be and that everything is adding up in your favor. I can promise you that, and I wanna say, keep going. If you feel called to do something, it's not a coincidence. You're being guided. You're being guided every second of every day, and so keep going because you will get there as long as you keep going.

[00:35:51] Lindsay: I love you. I appreciate you. I am here for you always, and I will talk to you in the next episode.